Well, the store is up…not to be confused with the jig.

Well, if you’ve read the first post I put out there, you know I wanted to set up a page on my blog for a store to sell my DIY goodies.  Well, there it is….right there…at the top of  the page…it says My Store.  Go ahead, click on it and look at the couple offerings I have out there for now.  I am working on a hammock pillow design at present and will be offering a T-shirt design or two down the road for those interested.

I hope you find it useful and better yet, contact me to purchase some of my wares.  If you came from hammockforums.net to see this then you know you can PM me for orders. Otherwise, send me an email at htprather@comcast.net for order placement.

Todd aka DaddyDaddy

A first time for everything

First blog….first post in a blog…..first time to put it all out there.  So, why this? Why now?

There are a lot of reasons I suppose.  Some therapeutic, some utilitarian, and some just for a spot to put up some DIY goodies that I make for my hobbies.

I’ve always wanted to write.  Perhaps not the next great American novel, but something entertaining and enjoyed by others.  I sincerely don’t think I have anything earth shattering that the masses, unwashed or otherwise, could never live without reading.  I do have my own perspectives on issues and thoughts on life and living and how my faith fits and fights with all of that.  I want to see if I have something deep inside me that will, perhaps in some small or great way, move forward, change or enhance the life of others.  Particularly men.

As a believer in Jesus Christ and as a man in that category, I wonder how it is that men even survive in this culture to see any success as men who believe.  I am working on the idea of a men’s ministry at my local church and am saddened by the shear lack of purpose among men of faith.  This is in part a means to get out some of the things that I struggle with in my faith, encourage those who I know struggle with me and see growth in my own walk of faith.

There is an area of therapeutic beneficence that I think I can achieve through this as well.  An opportunity to “talk it out” on issues or thoughts that weave through the fabric of my life.

There’s the comedic effect as well.  I fully admit that I am a frustrated comic. I laugh at pretty much everything that crosses my path.  Some of which would be considered poor taste based on the setting.  I think I could do a solid five minutes on pretty much any situation, though most of this is done solely in the mind.  I find myself laughing or smiling to myself often only to explain to those around me that, “I’m just entertaining myself.  I can’t say it out loud and you wouldn’t find it as funny as I do.”

Lastly, the ability to set up a store (which as of the writing of this post – does not exist…yet).  I have a passion for hammock camping and could bore anyone for hours who was silly or unfortunate enough to ask what that is.  I make a lot of the gear that I use and thus have a few designs that folks have liked enough in the past to pay me actually American dollars for.  Silly rabbits, well you know the rest.  So I needed a place that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg and the children of my children to put up on the internet in hopes that someone would like to continue to pay me real American dollars.

So what will you see in coming posts?  Rambling thoughts, lucid conversations with myself, devotional thoughts, reminiscence of days gone by and people deeply missed and the comedy stylings of redneck with access to a good dictionary and thesaurus.  It won’t always be pretty or pleasant or pleasing.  Shoot, it may never be interesting.  I may never care if anyone ever reads it but it will be there, and it will be me.  Warts and all. Insecurities and questions, all battling  for the throne of my mind.

Hang on, it’s gonna be a bumpy  ride.

Todd  aka  DaddyDaddy