Well, the store is up…not to be confused with the jig.

Well, if you’ve read the first post I put out there, you know I wanted to set up a page on my blog for a store to sell my DIY goodies.  Well, there it is….right there…at the top of  the page…it says My Store.  Go ahead, click on it and look at the couple offerings I have out there for now.  I am working on a hammock pillow design at present and will be offering a T-shirt design or two down the road for those interested.

I hope you find it useful and better yet, contact me to purchase some of my wares.  If you came from hammockforums.net to see this then you know you can PM me for orders. Otherwise, send me an email at htprather@comcast.net for order placement.

Todd aka DaddyDaddy

2 thoughts on “Well, the store is up…not to be confused with the jig.

    • Well, yes, such that it is. Thanks for the encouragement. We are waiting until after the holidays to make the big announcement on the forum. Looking to add a pillow design and maybe a t-shirt offer as well to the mix before then but not certain at this point. Just looking to spend some quality time with the family and enjoy each other. Tomorrow has enough trouble on its own. That’s why they call it a Christmas Present.

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