A thought on history

Everything has a history.  Everybody has a history.  I have a pocket watch I received as a wedding gift.  An antique at the time for certain and had my initials engraved on the front.  Upon further research, I was able to find some hallmarks and after more research we understand the watch is sterling silver, 13 jewels (all real rubies-nothing synthetic) and dates from 1848.

So I’m thinking about this 165 years old watch and wondering about all the hands that have checked the time on it over those years. Was it a businessman, a rancher, preacher, or a lawyer? Tinker, tailor or candlestick maker? What history has it sat witness to? What history has it been in close proximity to? Has that history been joyful, tragic, soul soaring or crestfallen? Life and death all in the course of 165 years as seen from the pocket of who. 

I’m reminded of a time sitting in a restaurant with a friend. As we are talking and eating, the overhead music is playing.  As I caught a bit of the song playing in my ear I wondered aloud whether the artist this one or that one.  My friend asked how I would know such an artist, as if to say, “A Christian wouldn’t have that on their playlist.”  My reply was, “Hey brother, you gotta be a sinner before you get saved.  Everybody has a past.”  I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of things. Much like that old watch I seen my share of history.  I’m praying that the future I make will be better than what I’ve done with my past.  That I’ll prove to be a man worthy of being saved by grace. A man who seeks after the heart of God and loves the world right up to his doorstep so they too can see the greatness of His glory and love.

One day that old watch will go to my son or perhaps my son’s son to sit in the audience of yet another generation as they walk through their lives. May history be kinder to them than it has been to me and may they remember the sacrifices borne to bring them to a future so well endowed.

Todd aka DaddyDaddy

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