It’s harder than it looks

So having embarked on the section hike planning in earnest the above phrase is coming to mind more and more as I work on this trip.  I am roughly two months away which at first seems like a long time and will it ever get here.  Then suddenly it seems like I will not have enough time to do all that I need to do to be prepared.  Fitness, FAK (first aid kit) setup, logistics, meals, travel, and the thousand other things I haven’t thought of.  I hear Donald Rumsfeld in my ear going, “We have known unknowns and unknown  unknowns, and things we know we know. Then there’s the other stuff your forgetting manerd.”  Out damn spot, out!  Maybe I should attempt a post were everything is a quote from a movie, TV show or play.  Let’s save that for another time, shall we.

Take travel for instance.  I live in Mississippi and want to get to Atlanta, GA.  Please know that MS is no longer in the stone age.  Heck, we’ve even progressed past the steam age.  We wear shoes and everything and I quit dating my sister years ago. Unfortunately with all those advances in technology, transportation and moral and genetic tomfoolery done with, it’s harder than it looks.

The initial idea was to take the bus.  Know that I haven’t ridden a commercial public transit bus in over two decades.  I’m praying things have advanced but I’m told, not really.  I’m okay with it cause it’s cheap. As of this posting, $50 one way to Atlanta, GA.  That’s cheap.  Less than a tank of gas that would definitely not get me to Atlanta in my personal car.  I’m willing to dive into the deep end of the people of WalMart gene pool to save a few bucks.  Problem is, I have to catch a bus at 4 a.m. to be in Atlanta by 2 p.m. the same day.  Still not bad but a long ride to be certain.  Also, there is the unbelievable security measures for the luggage on the bus.  I’m going on a hike.  There are certain thing you take with you on a hike.  Knife, cook kit, fuel, tent stakes…all verboten for even checked luggage under the bus.  I understand the fuel. I get that.  But the rest, under the bus while I’m ridding in the bus at 70 MPH.  How am I gonna get to the tent stake to hold at the driver’s throat to hi-jack the bus so we can go to Disney where I can seek asylum in the It’s a Small World After All ride instead of going to Atlanta?

Now I’m looking to just fly.  Decidedly, not cheap, but still cheaper than driving myself and dealing with a car left behind.  Plus, I can pack anything into the backpack, sans fuel, and check the baggage and travel in half the time and twice the style. Karma will likely put me next to a two year old with an ear ache at 10,000 feet.  That’ll teach me to pee in the bus gene pool.

Now I have to decide departure dates. Trying to save vacation days, which are like gold, for the end of the year when I can have some extra quality time with the wife and kids. Price matters here as well since the flight is over $100 cheaper if I leave on a Wednesday instead of a Thursday.  Oh well, one extra day on the trail.  A couple more meals to pack.

I think the physical exertion on the trail will be a welcome respite compared to this madness.

I hope to post on the FAK I’m setting up later this weekend and perhaps a surprise in the clothing department. Scary!

Till then…..HYOH.

2 thoughts on “It’s harder than it looks

  1. Maybe take the bus, buy a knife and tent stakes when you get there? Or ship your knife and tent stakes ahead and take the bus? Still cheaper than the flight

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