The Knee.

Really!?  Seriously!? The knee.  My dreaded weakest link.  I’ve had “issues” with my knees for years.  I played league softball for the better part of two decades in my 20s and 30s and slightly into my 40s. Most of my issues are probably the perils of a misspent youth.  Too many bike accidents, jumping off too many roof tops, doing whatever ridiculous thing or taking whatever moronic dare came my way.  I never said I wasn’t intelligent.  Just not unstupid. As they say, “beauty is skin deep, ugly goes to the bone and you can’t fix stupid”. I stopped play ball because of my knees.  Too much lateral movement chasing down grounders and running out doubles or triples and the like. I could play a game on a Thursday night and I might be walking like a normal person by Saturday….maybe. You get to a point where the danger of missing work from the injury is too great and there’s the pesky wife and kids and mortgage to support so you move on to other endeavors  to fill in the hours, expend the energy or occupy the mind.

It should be noted that I’ve never consulted a doctor about my knees. This is where I insert the statement: Do as I say, not as I do.  This is not recommended nor advised and if you are having health issues, by all means consult your favorite physician.

Now that is out of the way.  It’s not that I don’t like doctors.  Some of my better friends are in the medical field in one strata or another and their good people. Not overly afraid of surgery.  Just not something high on my bucket list either.  I think it ranks somewhere around 2,456,872. Give or take a couple notches.

So what’s going on now?  I sincerely have no idea.  I’ve been more of less pain free in my knees for the better part of two years now. A better choice in shoes, reduced weight (a very slight reduction in weight), and a modest exercise regimen have all contributed to me pretty much not worrying about my knees.  About a week ago I got this tightness in the back of my left knee.  If I was moving within a couple minutes of getting around it would ease up and disappear.  When I sat for more than 10 minutes and got back up. Hobble city, until it worked itself out after a few minutes of moving from point A to point B and so on.  It was starting to get better after a week of me just dealing with it.  Now there’s a sharp sensation on the front of my left knee near or slightly under the patella. That is a little harder to deal with and doesn’t go away a quickly.

So here I sit with less than thirty days until my section hike. I will do this hike. If I have to crawl, hand over hand from shelter to shelter, I’m doing this hike.  I’m breaking out the knee braces from the softball days and we’ll see if that gives me the relief if not support needed to do what I’m gonna do.

Here’s the crazy thing. This could clear up as quickly as it came on and I’ll not experience another issue for another two years.  It’s happened before…many times.  It’s just the timing of it.  Right in the middle of me hitting my stride, no pun intended, preparing for the section hike and then this pops up.  It’s a real pain in the….knee. This too shall pass.  It’s more likely to be a strain than a tear. I would be in excruciating pain if it were. This is more of a nuisance than anything else. A buzzing gnat. A distraction. I’ll keep an eye on it for another week of so and see where it goes.

Until then, there are more things to be done and preparations and gear to be made. Defeat is not an option. I will do this. I will.

2 thoughts on “The Knee.

  1. Best wishes that it goes away quickly! You need to do this section hike! I’m slightly jealous (of hiking the AT, not the knee pain), following your journey, and cheering for you.

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