A Grateful Father

Father’s day has come and gone. It was a good Father’s day. A gift or two. Nothing spectacular event wise. Just a quiet day at home with the kids.  There was video game time with the boy and story and Bible study time with the girl. She had a special time with dad this morning at after school care where they had a Dad’s and Donuts get together. Nothing fancy, just a time for the kids to serve dad a doughnut and sit together and just be present.

It was definitely present. Baby girl, who is nine by the way, served me a doughnut and some water and sat with me. We colored on the table paper and talked a little about what the day would hold for us both.

Every dad thinks his daughter is beautiful. Known fact. They may not say it but they all do.  Mine is no exception. She is adorable inside and out. What’s more is she knows it. This is how she signs all her cards to me.  “From your adorable Bailey…”  What a ham. I take every opportunity to tell her she is beautiful.  She won’t measure up to the corporate, global mishmash of what beauty is in the world at large. But she will know her value as a young woman. Her daddy will set that exchange rate and it will be steep. I pray she won’t give herself cheap to some boy because she thinks it’s the physical that denotes love. She’s a sweet girl but she can be sneaky mean and tough as an anvil when she feels like she is being taken advantage of. God help the boy that breaks her heart. He’s likely to have a broken nose for his lack of concern for her feelings.

So as I’m sitting at work in the midst of the madness that is a Monday in the work world, I was struck, suddenly and profoundly by the blessings of my wife, my son and my daughter. I had no other response but to stop what I was doing, bow my head and express my gratitude to my God for these amazing gifts. Deep is the love I have for them and deep is the awe in which I stand wondering if God really knew what He was doing giving me these lives to shape and share. Surely, I am not worthy of such things. Wretched as I am. Weak and broken and flawed.

Deep is the gratitude on this day after father’s day for these gifts, and all things, good, bad and indifferent in my life. For God is using these things, all of them, to shape me into the man he wishes for me to be. The man he created me to be. The father, the husband, the son.

Yea, it was a GREAT Father’s day. Best one yet, because THE father reminded this father of the blessings he has given me and the joy of it all in my life.

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