As I sit in my office and the heat and humidity that is central Mississippi weather continues to reign, I find myself longing for the cool of Autumn and the opportunity to escape into the piney woods once more for my beloved hammock time.

I have been at this hammock camping thing for just about two years now and I can firmly and without fear of misguided delusion say that, I am a cool temp camper. Unless the overnight temp is around 60° or below, I’m not interested. By overnight temp I mean at dark of the night it needs to be getting close to the low 60s otherwise it’s not cool enough for my tastes.

This past year starting at Christmas of 2013, I slept outdoors every weekend straight until somewhere around mid to late April. A record I hope to destroy as soon as it cools down. Because of the colder than normal winter this year, I was able to set a personal record low temp hang of 21°. We had several nights where the temps got into the single digits but they happened during the week and I was unable to take advantage of the opportunity.

Everyone, well, most everyone, thinks I’m loco in la cabeza but given I have the proper equipment and have done it so much, it really isn’t that big a deal. As to low temperature camping I know others who have slept out in temps as low as -25° (yes that is a dash denoting a negative temperature rating on the Fahrenheit scale). Admittedly, not something I am Jonesing for but if the opportunity presented itself I would have to seriously consider a go.
My brother-in-law still finds it unfathomable that I do this. I know that if I could just get him in a camping hammock once, he’d be a ready convert. Not likely to go cold like me but a hanger none the less.

So the nightly vigil has begun. Sitting watching the news looking at the long range forecast. Asking the spousal unit if we already have plans for the weekend, Plotting, scheming, hoping, praying, for cooler temps and good timing for me to hit the hammock once more. That suspended bliss. That elevated perspective. That perpendicular pronunciation of all things rested, relaxed and recreational. Whether in the piney woods, the national forest or the friendly confines of my own backyard, there is no greater sanctuary for my batter bones and beleaguered brain than the hammock.

Can someone please turn down the thermostat? It’s still a little warm in here.