They say you never forget your first love.  I remember fondly the auburn haired girl I meet while working and living in the Netherlands while in college, the first Huffy dirt bike I ever had, the 69′ Chevelle I learned to drive in, and the first time I slept in a hammock.  Admittedly, the hammock is awesome, though not the same heart palpitations I had from the auburn haired beauty in Holland.  No, it’s a different kind of bliss to be sure. One more akin to the the familiar, comforting hug of a mother. A secure serenity that leaves one rested, relaxed and supremely satisfied with all things woodsy and primitive.

I have been longing for cooler temps and was profoundly blessed this past weekend with overnight lows in the lower 50s.  A rarity for central Mississippi even in early October. The spousal unit and I went to a movie and late dinner that night. I had to make sure the home front was well taken care of prior to slipping off to the hammock for the night. One has to keep the main thing the main thing. It didn’t take long to hunker down to a very nice and sound sleep.

That’s the beauty of a hammock to me. The sleep. It is like none other that I experience. It should be noted that I’m a milkman’s kid. Subsequently, I spent many a summer running the route with my daddy and therefore became indoctrinated into the mid nocturnal goings on of that profession. To say I’m an early riser would be painting it lightly, very lightly.  Any day of the week sleeping in the Simmons Beautyrest in the house, I’m up, no alarm, 5 a.m. without fail.  Put me in a hammock and I won’t stir until 7 a.m. at best.  It’s that soundness of sleep that is so amazing. Couple that with the tendency to, while camping, go to bed at hiker midnight (just after sundown, usually going to sleep around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m.) and you see not only the quality of sleep but the quantity also.  I can, and do regularly, function on an average of 5 to 6 hours sleep but the hammock refuses to be such a cruel mistress to me. She insists that I linger in rapturous REM mode far longer than any other place I close my eyes in rest.

So a great nights of sleeping in the out of doors was had that Friday night.  There was the bonus of a very sweet 2 hour nap on Sunday afternoon as well. An eager start to the hammock season and one I hope to take full advantage of through the end of this year and well into next in a complete state of satisfaction.