Busy 2015

I’m stressing just a bit. Well, maybe stressing isn’t the proper term but I am quickly discovering that 2015 will be busier than any year in recent history.

It all started a couple weeks back while I was off for the holidays, and I received my blog report from WordPress. It was very informative and telling and I should pause and say thanks to WordPress for sending it to me. Thanks WordPress. I also need to say thanks to the folks who have chosen to follow my blog. You are a motley crew of diversity but a gracious and appreciated lot as well.  From the report I realized that I did a little better than I had thought on posting to my blog but that I also really needed to put some more effort into posting on a regular basis and keeping the topics varied, and hopefully, interesting. So the one and only New Year’s resolution was conceived. Then the challenges of the 2015 schedule began pouring in. All of the below is in addition to the “normal” day to day matters that come with a home, a wife, and two active kids.

First is the contract job I have where I was informed that where there are usually only two to three waves in a year, 2015 will have four. February, May, August and November. This is good news as funds for hobbies like hiking and hammocks and other things I like to dabble in will be flush.  Bad news is, those months will now have to be blocked off from vacations, hiking trips, mission trips or any other outside concerns in order to keep the ability to fulfill the contract operational.

Then the wife starts planning, no, not planning, just talking about talking about planning.  This is a quagmire of conversational dead ends that I particularly detest. “We could go here, or maybe there. I thought about this place.” All of which are both nondescript and completely opposite of the initial suggestion for the family vacation floated at the end of 2014. I’m already bald so I have utilized at least one shortcut for the year in that I won’t have to schedule time to pull my hair out.

Then there is the desire to do a mission trip through our church. I have wanted to do something for a couple years but just didn’t make the commitment to allot the time to go. Vacation days are few and a precious commodity in my job so they are rationed like the last morsels of bread or water on a deserted island. However, I purposed in my heart that I was going to do one regardless and spend the vacation time I needed to spend to see it come to fruition. This is a good and noble thing but now I have the issue of choosing between opportunities in Canada, Peru (on the Amazon) and Montana. Unfortunately both Peru trips are quickly nixed because of the contract work schedule. The Canada trip is an option but will cost me five full days despite the fact it is occurring over the course of the July 4th holiday and ideally I would have a company sponsored holiday handed to me for that one.  The Montana trip was looking promising until the mission we would be serving was blessed with a substantial monetary gift and now construction plans are in the air again because they can do now what they were saving for over the course of the next two years. All dates are gray again. Frustrating, yes. Impossible, no. Just the ridiculous maze of “hurry up and wait” that comes with these particular matters.

Lastly, there is my need for time in the woods or hammock time. If you read any of my posts, it is profoundly obvious that I enjoy camping in hammocks and any and all things related to that concern. I’m fine for my son or a friend to come along but I am just as happy, if not more so, to be alone. Alone time is another precious commodity that I covet jealously. With all the other functions above factored in, there is very little time or opportunity for hiking or hanging in 2015.  That is not to say that I won’t get some. I’m just going to have to be very creative and perhaps a bit selfish in the application of those opportunities. I am trying to find ways to combine any of the above with some hammock times. The contract portion actually lends itself well to this line of thinking in that I have two out of town runs, one of which is very close to a favorite personal camping haunt, so I’ll have at least two, maybe three opportunities, to have a night’s alone time in the piney woods off of that. Depending on where the wife settles on for vacation, there may be an opportunity for an extended, 2 – 3 day hike/hang where she and the kids can pick me up on the way to the final destination.  I’m even floating the idea of camping while on the Montana mission trip to “save money on lodging”. The whole unvarnished truth being told is I’ll sleep better in my hammock then any four star hotel in Montana and be happier for it while there. The fact that it would reduce the cost of the trip, is, in reality, a secondary or perhaps even, tertiary benefit.

So goes the vicissitudes of planning and scheduling a life in 2015. It hasn’t escaped my notice that it was not until I determined to post more often on the blog that the proverbial all H, E, double hockey sticks, broke loose on my calendar. I’m too un-superstitious to give that any real credit or substance. Busy is as busy does. My goal in all of it is to act and do with purpose. Nothing frivolous or flippant in any way, but approached with integrity, purpose and passion.

I’m sure glad I have a hammock to relax in.  Looks like I’m really gonna need it.

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