One Tarp to rule all my others….

This is a video walk through of my new DDIM (Didn’t Do It Myself) DIY tarp.  I had a good friend who is a master make this for me to my specs. You’ll be able to tell from the video I’m really pleased with it.

I’d be interested on feed back regarding the video as well. It’s only my third attempt at editing so I know I have a long way to go. Enjoy

The guys at RipStopBytheRoll are great to work with and they are continually innovating new fabrics for outdoor and DIY use.  You will also want to become familiar with Dutchwaregear. He too is a mad genius and is constantly adding innovative hardware for use with hammocks, tarps and other camping and hiking endeavors. Just two of the fine folks that made my tarp a possibility.

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