And so, we move on….

It’s been two months since I last posted. A by product of the grief and hurt we have all been working though since the sad circumstances of my young employee were shared with you.

It has been a difficult two months. We have prayed hard for the heart and soul of this young man. We have been moved to despair by the thoughts of what is coming for his future and seen glimpses of hope for the same. We have worked hard physically being down a key man, in effect making us down two men as I was having to take up the slack and not fulfilling my role in the company at times. We have searched for men to fill the gap, and by the grace of God, have found two men of fine reputation, work ethic and personality to fill in the gaps. I’ve seen one of my men, a key player in the warehouse, step up in ways that have shown him to be a man of deeper character than we knew previously.

I was injured some weeks ago doing a thing or two around the house and have been limping along with a hernia that I was finally able to arrange time to get repaired last week. Glory to God that I was able to restructure the staff and place these new men in permanent positions with us and everyone is firing on all cylinders. They have all risen to the occasion so well that, at times, I feel almost unnecessary.  Almost.

These past couple weeks have been a steady stream of me watching these men overcome and move beyond where we were two months ago to a higher plain. I look at them with such pride. Not in anything that I have accomplished or done but in the growth of character and maturity I see in them all. My heart is so full now where it was so empty just two months ago.

The truth is, while I had nothing to do with the unfortunate circumstances that young man involved himself in, I felt responsible in some way. I wondered if I had not done enough to reach out to him, to model a maturity or a way of dealing with life that could have some how given him the tools to have handled that day differently and not take another human life. It’s not about me and it never should be. I know that to be certain.

So here we are today. A little over two months past the last posting and we are better. Better as a team, better as men, more aware of what can happen and more grateful for what we have.  We are moving on. We have to. Life waits for no man and there is a great deal of life to be lived by all of us.

As proud as a father I am of my guys. What amazing men they are and what amazing men they are becoming. What an amazing God to have given us this grace at the end of that sorrow.