Appalachian Section Hike 2016 – Part 4

Part 4 see us finishing up the trip with footage from Saturday going from Clear Spring Shelter to Wesser Bald Shelter. Then the short half day on Sunday down to the Nantahala River.  This one is a bit longer than I like but there really wasn’t much use in cutting up Saturday to make two shorter videos. There’s still some good content here. Hope you’ve enjoyed the series. We have a couple hikes scheduled in October and November that I’ll be posting on when the time arrives.

4 thoughts on “Appalachian Section Hike 2016 – Part 4

  1. Heya Double D! Just browsed through your blog, I like it!

    Question for ya- how did your hips hold up on this last hike compared to your previous attempt a couple years ago? Seems like they did better, because i don’t remember them being mentioned in the vids. Hope that’s the case!

    • They were absolutely a none issue. I changed to a different pack, shaved the pack weight another five pounds and I lost 30 lbs on my creaking human frame after the 2013 hike. I’m sure there were other mitigating factors in all that. I will say the Gossamer Gear Mariposa rode better than my ULA Circuit did. Hard to say that on the forum and not get crucified by the ULA fanboys (and I’m one of them by the way) but it’s the truth in my personal experience. I’m working on a series of videos on some of the gear we used and on how we flew with our stuff. Hoping that will be useful to someone else contemplating a long distance adventure. Oh, and, glad you like the blog. Tell a friend.

      • In light of that, have you reconsidered your thoughts on attempting a thru-hike? You might have a good opportunity to attempt one with your son here in a few years when he graduates… =)

      • Absolutely so. The larger issue from the previous hikes was the alone time. Far too much time in my own head. Having a companion to hike with made a huge difference in my mental game. A thru hike is said by many to be 10% physical and 90% mental. You get physically stronger as you hike and the percentage of gain is significant. The mental game is set from the jump. You’ll open up additional facets but they are already there just needing to be revealed like layers of an onion. I wouldn’t have to be with someone every second of the day. Just knowing that someone else is depending on me for guidance, for motivation or for miles fits me better and gets me down the trail.

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