Jeep modifications….

So the folks that know me in the real world know that I’m a bit of car guy and a new and somewhat passionate Jeep owner.  I can regale you with details ad nauseum about every car I have owned since I was a teenager driving a 1969 Chevelle up to my current ride. Every one of these vehicles has a special place in my heart, with one or two exceptions, and they all have special stories and memories attached to them. Almost every vehicle has had a name or a theme that defined it and my relationship to it. Yeah, I’m a car guy. That’s what car guys do. They are always my baby and they get tweaked and groomed and accessorized in some way to be personal and particular to me. The Jeep is no exception though the theme for this vehicle did not come easy. I’ve had the Jeep almost a year now and I spent a solid eight months just looking and thinking and sketching and wadding up and throwing away a multitude of ideas. Many had been done so many times that there didn’t seem to be anything original about what I was putting together. Some were just plain weak sauce and not worthy of my sweet Jeep.

Ultimately I decided on a theme. One Bad Apple. It’s obviously a Red Jeep but the thinking really goes a lot deeper than that. To the regular world the term One Bad Apple will relate to the red color of the Jeep much like a big red apple and the double entendre of the word bad meaning bad attitude or bad as in bad a$$, etc.  However the meaning is still much deeper than that. It’s a thought as old as Adam and Eve.

Think back to Genesis with me and that moment in the garden where the snake is talking to Eve and Adam and putting a thought in their head that God isn’t really who He says He is. Well the Bible tells us that the garden had, “every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”, Genesis 2:9.  They were told not to eat one thing out of thousands of options to eat. Now there is no scriptural basis for the thought that the fruit eaten was an apple. This is a western invention let’s say but the thought can apply none the less that one bad apple got us into an eternal mess.  The old phrase that one bad apple will spoil the bunch is true in my own heart and life. One area where I don’t surrender to God’s will or His direction can ruin every other area of my life by its relative disobedience and rebellion. For me, it’s a reminder that things are things and they are nice and nice to have but God is the creator of all things and I am fortunate to be blessed by them and to use them as a blessing among God’s creation and His created beings. It’s a reminder that everything is about choice and I need to choose wisely and with a thought to what God would have me do. I surely enjoy my Jeep and what I can do with it. A friend sent me a meme the other day that said, “Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a Jeep and I’ve never seen anyone sad driving a Jeep.”  True. The Celtic tree design is a nod to my Scots-Irish lineage and another representation of the tree in the garden and how life is a cycle. I have to be certain to put the right and good and holy things into my life because what comes out is what I allow to be put in. Simple as that.

So there we are with a Jeep themed as “One Bad Apple”.  Here’s a few photos. Hope you enjoy them…..