Know the Path

Map Skills (God’s Word as a guide for all things)

Getting lost is a big deal.  Every year there are dozens of people who get lost on these long trails. They go off trail to pee or poo, or to see something of interest, or get water, then they get turned around and the next thing you know, they are well and truly lost. It doesn’t take much. Even on a trail as clearly marked as the AT by 2 inch by 6 inch white “blazes” on trees as you go both north and south bound on the trail.  One can get turned around and head in the wrong direction. Going “south” when they need to go “north”, taking the wrong trail or getting completely off trail.

One of the most common instances is leaving in the morning headed the wrong way. You may hike into camp late in the evening as the sun is setting or even in the dark. Set up camp, tired and hungry, and the only thing on your mind is rest. The next morning, you set out on the trail once again, only to turn to the left instead of the right, zig when you should have zagged and boom. You’re heading the wrong way. Funny thing is, the white blazes look exactly the same going north or south. A blaze is a blaze is a blaze.

Have you ever gotten lost? What were the circumstances behind getting lost? How could you have avoided this?

It’s important to have some map skills and know where you intend to go. Know, at least roughly, which direction you are to go, how far to the next water source, the next gap or mountain or road crossing. Any and all of these things are markers that assure you that you are heading in the right direction. Not keeping your eyes out for blazes, markers or these points of relief but just hiking to be hiking is not going to get you to the finish at best and is just plain stupid at worst.

God’s word is like a map. His word points out so many things.

Can you list some verses that match these points?

Dangers and Warnings:


Beautiful things to see:


Points of relief and sustenance:


Starting first thing in the morning reviewing what God has in store for you is like looking at your map or trail guide before you set foot on the trail to know where you intend to go, what you have hopes of seeing, where to refuel and where you will wind up when the day is done.  Starting your day without this information check, these markers, these points of interest or warning will make for a very long hike, a bad day, and a stumbling walk.


When can I have a quiet time with God? _______________________


Will I set aside that time and do it consistently?  Yes   /  No

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