Mississippi, USA

Bio: I'm currently a Distribution Manager for a retail furniture store. I love singing and reading and am an avid hammock camper and hiker.

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  1. Enjoyed all your site very much especially the dreaming. Being in the fall of my life (60) I seem to have an enormous amount of memories but also blessed equally with an enormous amount of dreams. Nowadays their largely centered around my wife & Grandboys.

    I was saved as a young man but seemed to loose my way through daly life. God kept me safe through the years to which I thank him every day. App 4 or 5 years ago I was watching my Grandboys and the spirit returned showing me God doesent forget even when we do.

    That week I told my Daughter to have the Boys ready that following Sunday as I was taking them to Church. She nearly fell out. I explained that they needed to know God so they could at least make an informed decision when their time comes. She was raised in Church as a young girl.

    Since then my Daughter, Son-in-law and one of the Grandboys have been saved. I’m one happy PaPaw. We all attend Church together. All 4 Grandboys, Daughter, Son-in-law, Son, Wife, Mother and I.

    My wife had Brest cancer and while she was going through reconstruction we found out I had bladder cancer. She has just over a year cancer free. After 2 operations mine is down to some cancer cells and I’m halfway through with chemo flushes in my bladder. They say this should take care of it. God sure made some fine doctors to assist with his work.

    Please send me the name of the book that you refer to in dreaming.

    Thanks and God bless
    HF Member-Oldbiker
    Robert E. Whitten

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